The Reality Report: Episode 93

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Episode 93

The first episode in a series with new guest Gyrus which sprawls across a variety of topics in anthropology, cosmology, cognitive science and recent political developments. We begin by reviewing his desktop publishing experiences in the mid-late 90's with a 'zine/journal called Towards 2012, leading to a discussion of Terence McKenna and his ideas, as seen from 2017. Gyrus contrasts my technical/mathematical critique of TM's "Timewave" theory with his own intuitive misgivings based on his understanding of the nature of Taoism and its "most sacred divination technology", the I Ching.


Blogger muzuzuzus said...

well, when i was at art school in 92/95 I had McKenna's book Food of the Gods, and devoted some paintings to it. At that time his book was one of the VERY few apart from RAW's you could even hear talk of psychedelics, because of that toxic bitch Thatcher..Years later BEFORE la '2012' and espesh after, I now suspect Mckenna was really a tool of the occult elite. IE he, like his fellow leader of the psychedelic movement spanning generations, Leary, was a Psychedelic Transhumanist.
Timothy Leary was for example a great devotee of Aleister Crowley, and against the Ecology Movement, believing it hindered 'our destiny' to leave Earth, which he called the 'womb planet' and travel the universe exploring whilst undergoing transhumanist transformations.
McKenna in true Gnostic , albeit modern, style promised being able to download consciousness onto computers to 'gain immortality' and 'return to galactic centre'.
So as I see it these two were influencing the psychedelic-inspired youth etc towards exactly what the elite WANT. Total dependence on their technomatrix, and a dulling of our relationship with the wondrous magical Earth. IE they, and the occult agenda is against the Old Religion of the Goddess which was/is non dualistic, realizing there is no duality between nature and spirit.

Not many researchers into the occult elite are aware of this. of them being part OF the patriarchy, because most of the usually male researchers themselves are, being with Christians or new Age!

what we therefore NEED is to see through this agenda, and understand that along with psychedelic experience we need Earth education. Understanding nature is intelligent. Who else has given us these psychedelic fruits of ecstasy??

23 August 2017 at 15:39  
Blogger Gyrus said...

Yeah, I definitely have problems with Leary's dismissal of environmentalism. McKenna was *much* more ambiguous. That's the key to him, he's inconsistent. His defence was: So not a great 'tool' for anyone. Who wants something that behaves like a saw one minute and a hammer the next?

But the 'occult elite' conspiracy stuff, especially regarding counterculture figures, it seems a bit old now, and has rarely if ever proved its usefulness. (And yes, that is what they want me to say. In fact, that's what they told me to say ;-)

24 August 2017 at 08:58  

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