The Reality Report: Episode 2

Friday, 6 February 2015

Episode 2

The second of four episodes in which I talk with Miriam about emergent phenomena and reductionism.

Please feel free to leave comments, including suggestions for future topics.

Some relevant links:
  • Wikipedia: emergence
  • Wikipedia: flocking
  • Wikipedia: swarming
  • Wikipedia: collective animal behaviour
  • Wikipedia: Boids (Craig Reynolds' flocking algorithm)
  • Less Wrong blog
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • Yudkowsky on the "Singularity" (from 1996)
  • Yudkowsky's blog posting on "The Futility of Emergence"
  • Wikipedia: reductionism
  • Wikipedia: emergentism (philosophy of mind)
  • Wikipedia: termites
  • Wikipedia: mycorrhizal networks
  • S. Kauffman, "Beyond reductionism: Reinventing the sacred"
  • U. Goodenough and T. Deacon, "The sacred emergence of nature"
  • Wikipedia: The Age of Enlightenment
  • Wikipedia: Ken Wilber
  • Wikipedia: gibbon song

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