The Reality Report: Episode 65

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Episode 65

The seventh of several episodes in which he's talking about (among other things) symbiosis and mutualism in the natural world with Jim Penny of the Oxford Botanic Garden. They continue discussing subtle perceptual biases within the life sciences and how these might affect the long-term survival of our species. They move on to discussing a remarkably elaborate mutualistic relationship between brazil nut trees, euglossine bees, tropical orchids and a South American rodent.

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Blogger nusphere said...

‘Secrets of our Living Planet’ presented by Chris Packham is a great show by the BBC from 2012 which goes into detail regarding these symbiotic relationships. The first episode 'The Emerald Band' shows the amazing web of relationships centred around the Brazil nut tree:

18 October 2016 at 12:36  

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