The Reality Report: Episode 113

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Episode 113

The fourth episode in a series featuring religious studies scholar Angela Voss, exploring the history and nature of astrology. Angela talks about 15th century astrologer/philosopher/composer Marsilio Ficino's interpretations of Plotinus' and Iamblichus' writings before we begin to discuss the transformation of academia which occured with the Enlightenment and saw the marginalising of astrology, etc. I compare the "Quadrivium"-based curriculum in medieval university settings (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy) with the STEM/finance-centred vocational training centres we see universities morphing into now. This leads Angela to bring up Jeffrey Kripal's concept of the "third classroom". Physicist/philosopher Bernardo Kastrup, a harsh critic of scientific materialism, is also mentioned in this context.


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