The Reality Report: Episode 36

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Episode 36

The third of several episodes in which Juliet and I ramble conversationally around a mind map I made. The six topics we randomly selected (not all covered in this episode) were "'solar' versus 'lunar' consciousness", "animal communication", "the Mayan calendar", "singularitarianism", "faster-than-light communication", "the Uncertainty Principle". A seventh, "rogue", topic was "'scientism' and materialism".

A bit more discussion of DMT experiences and their meaning, then moving on to the dichotomy between "lunar" and "solar" consciousness, as loosely, collectively, formulated by Rudolf Steiner, Robert Graves and others. Karl Jaspers' "Axial age", Julian Jaynes' ideas about the origins of consciousness and Leonard Shlain's ideas about alphabets causing patriarchy are also touched upon.

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