The Reality Report: Episode 104

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Episode 104

Part four of another mind-map ramble with Miriam. We continue talking about magick in some branches of Christianity, in the form of the veneration of relics and the Holy Communion ritual. Miriam's suggestion that "tribal wizards" evolved into bishops and archbishops is then backed up by something I suddenly remembered reading in a piece by former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. Elizabeth I's court magician John Dee makes another appearance before we consider what the current manifestation of magick would be in the context of the British Monarchy. Miriam reflects on her teenage Wiccan experiences as part of a discussion about the possible "rigidification" of objective reality over time. Uri Geller, the evolution of skateboarding and Australian aboriginal culture are then all touched upon before we switch tack and start exploring ideas around "techno-utopias", transhumanism, nanomedicine and "friendly AI".


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