The Reality Report: Episode 15

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Episode 15

A one-off episode based around audio spontaneously recorded in Canterbury last summer, a conversation with folk singer and pilgrimage enthusiast Will Parsons in which we discuss the history of the city, the origins of pilgrimage and his work in establishing the British Pilgrimage Trust.

Some relevant links:

The conclusion of Hillaire Belloc's The Old Road (describing his 1899 walk from Winchester to Canterbury, published some years later):

"In the inn, in the main room of it, I found my companions. A gramophone fitted with a monstrous trumpet roared out American songs, and to this sound the servants of the inn were holding a ball. Chief among them a woman of a dark and vigorous kind danced with an amazing vivacity, to the applause of her peers. With all this happiness we mingled."


Blogger ale said...

I think you should probably start a pilgrimage of the kind you know well, and travel across europe, by foot, bike or donkey as required, meeting people like this and sharing your much needed freeform reports on youtube like a futuristic troubadour ;-)

18 June 2015 at 13:07  

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